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The EFed Guerilla Radio (Podcast) began in 2010 as an idea of El Gringo Loco, Jesse Ramey and Jorden Snow. Together the three were considered the original hosts of the show. When the show began, it was hosted on BlogTalkRadio. Shortly after, the show was moved to TalkShoe and then back to BlogTalkRadio.

The initial goal of the EFed Guerilla Radio (Podcast) was to highlight EFeds from all different parts of the internet as well as spread the word about various handlers in the hobby. Initially the show featured reviews and interviews and news reporting. Most of these things are still prevelant on the show today.

As the years began to roll on for EFed Guerilla Radio, many other people came on as hosts and co-hosts. The show has been running for over four years now and is nearing 300 shows.

The goal of the EFed Guerilla Radio (Podcast) has remained the same over the years and will never change.